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Consultant – Medical Oncology & Hemato Oncology MBBS: DNB - General Medicine, DNB – Medical Oncology MRCP (UK) - Medical Oncology (SCE)

Dr. Sharat Chandra Goteti, an eminent Medical Oncologist by profession has created a deep impact on the lives of cancer patients. Dr. Sharat’s hard work and passion for treating one of the most challenging diseases of the century has made him gain immense knowledge in the field of oncology.

About us

A positive approach towards the severity of the disease make patients believe in us. We bring in a ray of hope in our patients life with our guidance and therapies. We believe in deploying best drugs and advanced therapies in Cancer treatment

Cancer has curbed many lives in last few decades. With just few medicines and therapies available, people use to consider cancer as the most not treatable of all diseases.

What Our Patients Say!

Pramod SPramod S
18:54 16 Jun 24
He is so approachable cancer specialist, i have called him multiple times for clarifications on cancer for treatment given by a different doctor. Surprised and impressed that he did not make any fuss about we are getting treatment in a different hospital. He is a True Doctor.
Sunchu PramodSunchu Pramod
18:27 16 Jun 24
Dr.sharat is extremely is a talented and an expert in breast and other cancers. His knowledge command in Hindi and telugu is commendable. I have referred a north indian patient, they we amazed with his skills
Sudhir BabuSudhir Babu
17:33 16 Jun 24
Dr.sharat Chandra Goteti is an excellent Medical oncologist with immense knowledge. We went for second opinion but after meeting him my aunt insisted that she would get treatment from him. She is now a Breast Cancer Survivor.. Thank you
10:18 14 Jun 24
Accurate Diagnosis and Effective Treatment. After struggling with my condition for two years and consulting several specialists, I found clarity with Dr. Sharat. He explained everything thoroughly and prescribed a treatment plan that finally brought relief. Thank you, Dr. Sharat, for your expertise and the supportive clinic staff. I highly recommend him for his excellent care.
Shubham KumarShubham Kumar
06:45 14 Jun 24
Had the best experience with Dr. Sharat. My wife had to undergo surgery for a lump, and he was so kind, providing much-needed comfort to her. Highly recommend Dr. Sharat for anyone with breast-related problems.
subhash kumarsubhash kumar
10:39 22 Feb 24
You really such a great dr. Your treatment of patients is really good...I learnt many things form you's loves your profession and most important you are such a good doctor.thnk you much for everything that I learnt from you
Tarun BeeramTarun Beeram
17:18 15 Feb 24
My aunt had breast cancer. Dr sharat was very empathetic towards her and treated with utmost care. Thank you doctor for your help🙏🏻
Deepak Narayan DeoDeepak Narayan Deo
10:58 16 Aug 23
One of the best doctor I have seen in my lifeHe is very empathetic and explain treatment plan very well and the way he treat patients is polite and helpful and makes positivity patients mind and heart.
Anjali PatilAnjali Patil
17:13 20 Feb 22
Great experience as a first timer! I am so glad I was referred to Dr Sharat. He was very knowledgeable, sensitive and empathetic. Before meeting him, I was very disturbed and had a lot of turmoil going on inside me regarding the treatment.But just after a brief discussion with the Dr, i immediately felt at ease and confident in my receiving expert medical care.I highly recommend him to anyone looking for a specialist!
Rupa SinghRupa Singh
17:59 02 Feb 22
Dr Sharat Chandra Goteti :-A man with a golden heart.He’s very understanding and listens to your concerns.His first attitude towards patients like that they are going to be cured, that positivity he puts into the patient's mind and heart.He is always available when needed.His treatment & guidance not only save a life but also family.I admire you for your commitment to all of those patients and families with who you connect every day!Keep up a good job Doctor !!
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